The World is my Mistress

A young Brazil­ian woman embarks on a jour­ney of self-dis­cov­ery after she reads Sid­dhartha on the beach at Cabo Frio and awak­ens to her true pur­pose in life. Even­tu­al­ly her search for a teacher who can guide her in her quest leads her to a charis­mat­ic yog­ic monk who inspires her to become his trans­la­tor and assistant—with unfore­seen con­se­quences. This is a sto­ry for any­one who wish­es to dis­cov­er the essence of who they tru­ly are, who is deter­mined­to deep­en their love affair with the world, who knows that sto­ries­do indeed hold a mir­ror up to life in which we can some­times catch a glimpse of our deep­er selves, the one we are all jour­ney­ing toward in a way that is both unique and universal.