When the Time Comes

front cover image for When The Time Comes showing image of Dada ChandranathApart from my guru, Dada Chandranath was the biggest influence in my life. I first met him in Calcutta in the late seventies where he was a senior member of Anandamurti’s inner circle but I only got to know him well when I moved back to India in the early nineties and started visiting him regularly. By then he was a realized sage who had a unique ability to communicate the most profound spiritual ideas in simple, easily intelligible language. He was also the best example I had ever seen of perfection in action. I never passed a single moment in his company when he wasn’t completely present and I never saw him treat any two human beings differently: the same attention, the same compassion, the same respect, whether it was a taxi driver or a spiritual dignitary who had come to visit him. The first time I went to see him after the book came out, he grabbed my hand with a huge smile and said, “Devashish, your book has made me miserable.” He had been enjoying a peaceful old age in relative obscurity but once the book was published he had a steady stream of visitors from all over the world that continued until he passed away in full consciousness a dozen years later. If you read the book you’ll see why.

Book Description

For thousands of years, the ancient discipline known as yoga has provided a scientific and easily accessible method of spiritual development. It has been practiced, in one form or another, by most of the world’s great saints. In these conversations, a modern Indian saint discusses the common difficulties and dilemmas that spiritual seekers face in their quest for realization. With the infallible good sense of a true adept, Acharya Chandranath tells us how to avoid the obstacles and pitfalls of the path and gives us the practical advice we need to achieve success in our spiritual life.

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