The Conscious Universe: A Commentary on Shrii Shrii Anandamurti’s Ananda Sutram

Anan­da Sutram is a mod­ern-day expo­si­tion of Tantric phi­los­o­phy com­posed in 1961 by the Indi­an sage and Tantric mas­ter Shrii Shrii Anan­damur­ti. Over the course of eighty-five suc­cinct and chal­leng­ing sutras, it fol­lows the riv­er of Tantra into the present day, and along the way it adds a wealth of new ideas and fresh insights to this ancient spir­i­tu­al tradition.

In keep­ing with the prac­tice of writ­ing com­men­taries to help stu­dents under­stand the intri­ca­cies of philo­soph­i­cal texts writ­ten in the sutra form, The Con­scious Uni­verse inter­prets this impor­tant work in a lan­guage that is read­i­ly acces­si­ble, draw­ing from par­al­lels with mod­ern sci­ence and the oth­er clas­si­cal sys­tems of Indi­an phi­los­o­phy to make this extra­or­di­nary map of real­i­ty eas­i­er to read.